Cedar falls, iowa

PRESIDENT- Tim Hanson (Phase 2)
VICE PRESIDENT- Jacqueline Thompson (Phase 6)
TREASURER- Duties Split by multiple board members and neighbors 
SECRETARY-  Kelsie Zimmerman (Phase 5)

Board Member Phase 1 - Michele Hilvers

Board Member Phase 2 - Tim Hanson
Board Member Phase 3 - Jacqueline Thompson
Board Member Phase 4 - Melissa Pruess
Board Member Phase 5 - Kelsie Zimmerman

Board Member Phase 6 - Shannon Kazynski
Board Member Phase 7 - Sue Clubine

Board Member Phase 9 - Vacant

Board Member Phase 10 - Vacant


Board Statement
  • It is the intent of the Board of Directors to seek dues from property owners to allow for management of the Greenhill Village. According to the Bylaws of the Greenhill Village Neighborhood Association, the dues "shall be due from and paid by the lot owners as to their shares thereof on the second day of January each year" (page 10). Dues are currently (Jan. 2017) $100 per year and are used to provide funds for common expenses of the Association such as: mowing, Greenhill Village sign upkeep, and pond maintenance. Checks can be made out to Greenhill Village Neighborhood Association and paid to      

PO BOX 1179  

Cedar Falls, IA 50613.

Contact Us:

Greenhill Village Neighborhood Association

PO Box #1179

Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Email: greenhillvillage.net@gmail.com